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This page last updated on 8-04-2007.    Originated on 4-13-1997.
Copyright © 1997-Present  Doneen St.John - Owner & Creator


Welcome to The Internet's  Candlemaking Supersite!   
The Best in Candlemaking Info, Tips, Ideas & Resources! 

This is a non-profit site dedicated to helping candlemakers, both new and old!
Here you'll find everything you need to get started in making your own candles, 
whether for hobby or business, beginner or advanced.  This is THE definitive guide
to candlemaking on the web, helping candlemakers all over the world since 1997!
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The Best Candlemaking & candle shopping on the web!  Organized by categories, you'll find retail & wholesale candles, candlemaking supplies, accessories, instructions, business resources & more! 


Candle & Soap Crafters:
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Cauldron News - What's Brewin! Hot Topics in Candlemaking A Brief History of Candles Candle Burning & Safety Tips Dictionary of Candlemaking Terms Wax & Wicks Molds & Melting Pots Color & Scenting Measuring & Color Blending Candlemaking Projects Troubleshooting Guide Scent Mixing Decorating Tips Candle Test Sheet Pricing & Selling Your Candles Pricing Worksheet Candle FAQ's


How to have your own
Home Candle Parties!

How to make your own
Website to sell candles!

Meet, greet, share & eat!
Soap & Candle Gatherings!

How to figure your
Candle Burn Times!

What color to make a scent?
Color Suggestion Chart

Learn Candlemakers' secrets!
Tips & Tricks of the Trade

Hard time pickin a wick?
Pick-a-Wick Size Database!
Now catagory searchable! 
A Candlemaker's Best Friend!

Share your test results here!
Candle Test Database!
Share with & learn from other
candlemakers' experiments! 

How to do Fundraisers!
Candle Fundrasers!
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Presto Pot Instructions!
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Learn how to brew up your own potions such as soaps, lotions, potpourri, incense, air fresheners, bath salts, body sprays, etc. to go with your candles!  These candle sidekicks are becoming real hot items for gift sets and baskets!  Here you'll find insructions, tips, links and "The Bath & Body Board"  message board!

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